Prime Facility Maintenance

Prime Facility Maintenance provides full-service custodial and janitorial solutions in Texas. We perform essential cleaning and sanitizing services to ensure our clients get the most value out of their space.

Our Vision

Our mission is to curate a clean, healthy, and safe workspace so our clients can focus on what matters most. Unclean spaces affect the health, concentration, and productivity of those that inhabit them. We aim to ensure you can do your job in a clean and safe environment that facilitates your business success and your personal well-being. No matter the size and scope of your business space, we can scale our services to meet your needs. We have experience working across various industries, including medical, industrial, commercial, educational, government, technological, and sporting venues. Our services are constantly evolving to meet ever-changing demands for cleanliness, health, and safety. 

Our Services

As your committed commercial cleaning partner, we will evaluate your property to determine which of our services will best meet cleaning industry standards and optimize your business space. We consider each client’s specific needs and expectations to develop an effective plan for consistent, trustworthy cleaning services. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of quality control and quality assurance. Only the best results are acceptable.

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Janitorial Services

We offer premier services and top-of-the-line products that get the job done right every time. Keep your property clean and project an image of success and professionalism.

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Power Washing

Enhancing the appearance of the outside of your building is essential in projecting a great first impression and providing your regular clients with a clean, professional space every time they visit you.

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Granite & Marble Maintenance

We offer maintenance and upkeep on all types of natural stone floors and fixtures. These beautiful surfaces require specific cleaning techniques and products to ensure their continued quality and appearance.

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Event Cleaning

Preparing a space for an event, keeping that space tidy throughout the event, and returning the area back to its original state afterward can be logistically challenging. Our team of experts can provide quick and efficient event cleaning solutions.

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Disinfecting Services

It is no longer enough for your business to be clean. You need it to be disinfected, sanitized, and safe to promote the health and well-being of you, your employees, and your customers. We offer quality products and services that allow you to work with peace of mind.

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Supplemental Maintenance Techs

Our experienced staff of professionals can perform a wide range of repair tasks and general equipment upkeep to keep your workspace functional all-around.

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Construction Clean-up

We can support your new build, remodel, or demolition clean-up needs. Construction clean-up can come with unique hazards and challenges. These heavy-duty cleaning jobs can be dangerous. We know how to get the job done safely.

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Office Make-Ready Services

Our team can prepare your workspace before you move in or ensure you are leaving a clean space behind after you move out. Our office make-ready services ensure every detail is taken care of, so you don't have to worry about a thing on moving day.

Our Team

At Prime Facility Maintenance, our employees lead by serving. We are committed to providing an effective cleaning service to ensure your workspace looks its best and functions smoothly. 

Our team is motivated by a passion for serving others and a sincere commitment to excellence. We offer a well-trained team of trustworthy, experienced, and meticulous custodial professionals. Our reliable team is the front line in creating an image of the kind of business you want to be. We take pride in our work and our clients’ venues.

Your workspace is our workspace.