Janitorial Service

Janitorial Services

Janitorial services are one of the most significant expenses for any facility. We offer budget-driven, customized services that fit your needs. We pride ourselves on transparency, so our clients understand exactly what they are getting for their dollar. Our team of experts can survey your site and recommend services based on the size of your facility, the unique aspects of your workplace, and your specific needs. We offer everything from daily cleanings to specialty work and one-time cleaning projects.

Our reliable staff is accountable and responsive to the unique needs of every client. We have stringent quality control tracking and reporting procedures to ensure the job is done right every time. Our practical approach to cleaning, proven disinfectant solutions, and advanced equipment can improve the experience of your employees and clients. We know every little detail adds up to create a clean, healthy environment for you, your employees, and your visitors. Prime Facility Maintenance offers professional, high-quality cleaning to ensure your workspace is ready for the day the moment you arrive.

Power Washing

Your exterior is the first thing clients, potential new hires, and colleagues see before entering your workspace. A welcoming, clean exterior projects a sense of professionalism. Regardless of your building’s exterior, our power washing services can offer a fresh new look. We use a combination of hard surface scrubbers, pressure washers, and chemicals to remove grime and restore your building’s façade to its prime condition. We can eliminate dirt, mold, mildew, discoloration, graffiti, calcium stains, and debris that builds up over time. We use commercial-grade equipment operated by experienced technicians to restore your siding, roof, sidewalks, parking lots, gutters, and sculptures to improve the appearance of your storefront or business grounds. Our team of professional operators will follow area guidelines for water removal and environmental considerations.

Granite & Marble Maintenance

Hard surfaces like granite and marble require specific upkeep and maintenance techniques to keep them in optimum condition. Routine maintenance is necessary to maintain the quality of the floors and prevent the surfaces from becoming slipping hazards. We offer consistent care and regularly scheduled treatments to extend the life of your luxury floors and keep them looking shiny and beautiful. Our services include stripping old wax finish from the floors and recoating the surface to shield against foot traffic and contaminants. Quality floors add to the superior aesthetic of your business. In addition, properly maintained hard flooring can prevent slips, falls, and workplace injury.

Granite Marble Services

Event Cleaning

Special event cleaning has unique logistical problems—and we have solutions. We can create a customized cleaning program for any kind of special event. Our services include set-up, pre-and post-event cleaning, disinfection, trash removal, and maintaining a clean, clutter-free space throughout the duration of your event. We work with indoor and outdoor venues, temporary event spaces, designated event venues, or workspaces that have been transformed to accommodate a specific event. We have the experience needed to anticipate what you and your guests will need. Our cleaning professionals will ensure your event runs smoothly so you can focus on the event itself.

Covid Services

COVD-19 Disinfecting Services

The public health crisis of recent years has led to an increased need for disinfecting services. Businesses are now required to meet new expectations for cleaner, healthier spaces. Cleaning and disinfecting services are a critical defense against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites that can harm you, your staff, and your visitors. Coronaviruses are transmitted in the air through droplets from a cough or sneeze, via physical touch during a handshake, or even from contaminated objects and surfaces. We can perform precautionary disinfecting as well as confirmed case procedures.

Maintaining a healthy environment is key to providing peace of mind and continuity for your staff and visitors as the world returns to normal. We can deep clean your workspace at a frequency that works best for you. We treat sites to remove pathogens and promote health and safety. Our responsible cleaning services can keep your office healthy so that you can stay productive.

Supplemental Maintenance Techs

Our supplemental maintenance techs are experts in their field. They can supplement your current maintenance department or offer support for a specific project. Ongoing facility maintenance and repairs on equipment can require a unique skill set that is not typical for standard maintenance departments. From office equipment to industry-specific equipment, we can provide knowledgeable repair solutions. Our skilled professionals can help keep your facility functioning smoothly and tackle any problems that arise. Our team is trained to conform to industry safety standards.

Construction Clean-Up

Construction clean-up requires skill and knowledge of construction zone safety needs. These (often big) jobs offer unique safety concerns as well as logistical problems. Our skilled staff uses proven methods to finish projects within your timeframe while following all safety requirements and environmental safety standards. We offer rough cleaning before a project to prepare a workspace for contractors and a final cleaning to erase any hint of construction debris, dirt, or dust. Our experts can help you stick to your timeline for completion so you can open the doors on time. Our cleaning solutions will ensure you have an immaculate space for move-in day.

Construction Services

Office Make-Ready Services

Whether you are leaving a former workspace or entering a new one, we can prepare your space. When you lease or purchase a new space, it does not always come move-in ready. Debris, dust, and poorly maintained surfaces can taint an otherwise perfect blank slate. When preparing for a big move, you need your space ready to welcome you and your employees. Our team of experts can offer hassle-free cleaning services to provide a fresh, safe, and pristine space. Our make-ready services are a cost-effective way to ensure your workspace is spotless for move-in day.