5 Tips to Freshen Up Your Office Space

freshen up your office space

Office buildings, in general, can often feel stuffy and uninviting. A disorganized and unkempt office can create an undesirable workspace. Putting the time into creating an appealing office space can significantly benefit your business. Workers who feel comfortable in their environment will likely be more focused and productive. If it has been a while since you cleaned up or organized your workspace, it might be time to consider a few minor changes that can have a powerful impact. Here are five ways you can freshen up your office space.

1. Add Some Plant Life

Adding plants to your office space is a great way to add color and fresh air to your workspace. Plants can liven up a dull corner of the office. Some plants can help your office environment literally by serving as living air filters, improving your air quality. Plants come in various sizes and colors, making them an easy way to add color and useful decoration. Depending on the access to natural light in your office, you can find plants that withstand full sun or thrive in low lighting. You would be surprised how far a little greenery can go to add a little cheer to your office space.

2. Purge Unused Items

It is amazing how quickly clutter can build in an office setting. An item falls out of use and is shoved to the corner or at the bottom of a desk drawer just in case it is needed later, after which it is quickly forgotten. Papers and documents hang around for years after they are actually helpful. Broken or outdated office appliances turn into catch-alls for other discarded items. If this sounds like your office space, it may be time to clear the clutter. Clutter creates a chaotic atmosphere, which can limit productivity. Removing out-of-use items can give you the space you need to organize.

3. Re-think Your Organization

Taking the time to organize your office in a consistent and advantageous way can spur productivity and expedite your work processes. Providing plenty of space for your employees to organize can help them avoid mistakes and keep their areas clean. Labeling, shelving, bins, and other organizational items provide the physical structures to keep your business organized.

4. Deep Clean Personal Spaces

At least twice a year, every office needs a good deep clean. This is cleaning above and beyond what your regular cleaning crew can do. Pick a day or two throughout the year where employees are encouraged to purge their desks and personal spaces of clutter, trash, and unneeded materials. This designated time to clean is especially necessary for busy offices since employees rarely get the free moment to attend to these housekeeping duties. After, your employees can get back to work with more focus and more organization than before.

5. Update Your Professional Cleaning Routine

The best way to keep your office feeling and looking fresh is to work with a professional cleaning team like Prime Facility Maintenance. Our team can work with you to establish the best cleaning schedule to meet the needs of your office. A cleaning schedule can ensure your workspace is refreshed and ready when you walk into the office in the morning.

Call PFM today to find out more about our office cleaning services. We can help you establish a cleaning routine that will keep your office fresh day after day.