Cleaning and More: Commercial Space Event Prep

Whether you’re planning a product launch or a team-building seminar, using your own commercial space is a great way to save. The only problem? Your office is set up for work, not for play, and you’re unsure how to transform it into an attractive event venue. Read on for our quick and simple guide to commercial space event prep.

Diagram Your Space

What kind of flow do you want your event space to have? What will the central focus of your event be? Creating a diagram of your property, including doorways and entry points, electrical outlets, and permanent fixtures will help.

For example, if speakers need microphones for a presentation, you’ll need to set up a stage area with plenty of nearby outlets. If your goal is to get employees engaged in different games and activities, you’ll need to leave plenty of open floor space to eliminate the need to rearrange furniture during your event.

Remove Clutter and Deep Clean

Once you have a layout in mind, it’s time to start transforming your workspace to prepare for attendees. To start, get rid of any clutter lying around, like dirty mugs in the sink or old junk mail sitting at reception.

To make the space as safe and inviting as possible, hire a cleaning service with event experience. Our team at PFM has worked with premier event planners in the DFW area and knows exactly what areas to target to make your commercial property sanitary and welcoming.

Coordinate with Vendors

As you plan your layout, you may realize that you need to rent equipment, like tables, chairs, and a stage. You may also plan to hire caterers, a DJ, and other vendors.

Coordinate logistics with vendors to ensure that they know when to arrive and which entrances or elevators to use while loading in. You may want to stagger vendor arrival times for a smooth setup with no traffic jams.

Consider Waste Disposal and Ongoing Cleaning Needs

Depending on the size of your event, you may be inviting a lot more people into your property than average. Your typical waste disposal system and cleaning schedule may not be enough to keep up with this influx of guests.

At PFM, we offer flexible ongoing scheduling as part of our event cleaning package. We can clean before and after setup and take care of extra waste disposal. If your event spans several days, we can come in overnight to reset the space, ensuring that all bathrooms, floors, and high-touch surfaces are spotless.

Get Festive

Is your commercial space still looking more like a working office or warehouse than an event venue? Something as simple as a change of lighting or some table linens can set the tone for your event.

At Prime Facility Maintenance, we know that success lies in the details. Learn more about our event cleaning services today.