Construction Clean-Up: PFM Steps in to Make Your Project Shine

Specialized Cleaning for Your Industry

New construction or remodeling can be an exciting time for your business—but it can also make a giant mess. Construction messes are challenging to manage and can be hazardous if not done correctly. Debris from scrap metal, wood, nails, unused building materials, etc., can be dangerous to your workspace. Post-construction clean-up requires professional cleaners that understand how to work with these hazardous materials. Here we look at the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning crew for your building and remodeling projects.

  1. Skilled Service

Contractors are skilled builders, but they might not be skilled cleaners. When construction materials are left behind, it can be difficult to understand what to do with them. Debris, scraps, and dust can pollute your workspace and detract from the usefulness of the building you work in. Getting rid of this material is more complex than putting it in the trash. Most construction sites require a skilled team of experts to thoroughly and safely clean the area during and after construction. Especially if you are still working in the building during renovations, you will need a dedicated cleaning team to “re-set” the worksite at the end of every day so your employees can continue to be productive in the space. The cleaners at PFM as specially trained to mitigate the hazards of these construction sites by providing a detailed cleaning and removing dangerous debris properly.

  1. Top Tier Equipment

For many construction sites cleans, a dustpan and a broom will not cut it. A big mess will require specialized tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions to ensure your workspace’s cleanliness, safety, and appearance. At PFM, we have invested in industry-trusted cleaning equipment to tackle any job. The equipment and cleaning tools we use to maintain a construction zone are purpose-built to tackle these big jobs and promote the safety of your workspace. Without access to this equipment, construction clean-up can be tricky.

  1. Safety

Dust and debris from a construction project can affect your air quality and hinder the health and safety of you and your employees. Removing dust and build-up front construction work can limit your exposure and decrease the chances of safety issues going forward. Getting rid of these contaminants is not easy and often requires special personal protective equipment for safety. Hiring professionals to clean your space during and after construction can give you peace of mind that your workspace is safe and healthy.

  1. Faster Transition

Construction project delays can set you back in your business plans. A dedicated construction cleaning crew can help your contractors work quickly and help you adhere to your timeline for the big reveal of your new space. Our cleaning experts can help you prepare for inspection and ensure everything is spotless when you begin or resume operations.

Prime Facility Maintenance proudly offers skilled, safe construction and heavy-duty cleaning services. Our experienced cleaners will ensure your site is safer to work in and inhabit during and after construction. Once the job is done, our crew can take away debris and put the polished final touches on your workspace.