Fight Back Against the Tripledemic with a Professional Sanitizing Schedule

Germ Zones in Your Office

As several major illnesses converge this winter, some medical experts are concerned over the potential for what they are nicknaming a “tripledemic.” Increased hospitalizations due to RSV, the flu, and COVID-19 have experts worrying that hospitals in impacted areas may become overwhelmed. Doctors, nurses, and health experts are asking everyone to do their part to combat the spread of illnesses. Here is some information about these viruses and how to keep your workplace safe this winter.


RSV is a common and very contagious respiratory virus. Most kids will be infected with RSV at least once before their second birthday. Children and adults infected with RSV can expect cold symptoms like runny nose, headache, cough, and fatigue. In very young children and the elderly, RSV can become a more severe illness causing breathing difficulty and potential hospitalization.


The flu can cause fever, achiness, headache, cough, runny nose, fatigue, and digestive problems, amongst other things. This flu season has already led to over 53,000 hospitalizations and 2,900 deaths.


In 2020-21, many people took major precautions against COVID-19 infection. As these restrictions have been lifted, COVID remains, with new strains continuously developing.

As these three illnesses intermingle this winter, here are some steps you can take to maximize the health and safety of your employees:

  1. Sanitize and Disinfect Surfaces

Complete cleaning of all surfaces is essential to maintaining the health and productivity of your workforce. Especially during winter, cleaning must go beyond removing visible dirt and dust. To truly provide a healthy environment, you must sanitize and disinfect all surfaces. High-traffic areas like the bathroom, breakroom, or kitchen should also get more attention during this time. Regularly removing germs from surfaces in your workspace can help keep you and your colleagues healthy throughout the winter season.

  1. Address Air Quality Concerns

The quality of your indoor ventilation system is critical to promoting health during the colder months. When people spend more time indoors with windows shut, there is a higher likelihood of illness transmission. Indoor heating and dry winter air can also make the lungs more susceptible to airborne infection. Regular cleanings of ductwork and replacement of HVAC filters can limit your chances of exposure to illness-causing germs.

  1. Establish Clean Culture

Keeping your workplace healthy is a group effort. Your employees will need to do their part to aid in the health and well-being of their co-workers. We can help you create a culture of cleanliness around your workspace. Setting up hand sanitizer stations can increase the likelihood your workers are keeping their hands clean, reducing the spread of germs around your office. Encourage good hygiene habits, like hand washing and covering coughs/sneezes, with signage throughout your workspace.

Prime Facility Maintenance can work with you to develop a plan to keep your workplace clean, healthy, and germ-free this winter season. Taking the steps now to prevent the spread of illness can save you time, money, and headache in the future. Healthy employees are ready to show up to work and get the job done.