From Small Offices to Large Corporate Buildings: PFM Can Keep it CLEAN

Office Services

The cleaning experts at PFM are highly-trained and experienced professionals dedicated to providing a thorough, spotless clean every time—regardless of how big or small your office is. From small commercial offices to large corporate buildings and multi-tenant facilities, our team has the experience to tackle any cleaning routine. Our mission is to produce an environment that appeals to employees and visitors. We understand that a clean office promotes efficiency, productivity, and motivation. Our cleaning solutions are meant to empower your workforce and help you reach critical business goals.

Small offices and workspaces will have different cleaning needs than large, multi-story office buildings. The experienced cleaning staff at PFM can help you plan a cleaning schedule that keeps your workspace clean, tidy, and safe, no matter the size. We can create a customized plan that accommodates the frequency and timing needs of your office cleanings. We will work with you to understand your expectations and develop a cleaning plan that leaves you completely satisfied with our work.

Once we understand your expectations, we will assess your operation and provide our honest, detailed opinion on your cleaning needs. Our depth of experience across industries allows us to quickly evaluate the needs of your workspace. All of our services can be fully customized to fit the needs of your business. We can also add site-specific services to our regular cleanings to include additional areas of need. Whether your business will require daily cleanings or a weekly deep clean, we can work with you to ensure your needs are met at a price point that works for your business. We welcome feedback from our clients and can revise your cleaning schedule or services to accommodate changes in your business.

The ultimate goal of working with any cleaning company is to keep your space clean and germ-free. But PFM isn’t just any cleaning company. We are experts in our profession. Our team is well-trained in cleaning techniques, empowering them to make critical in-field decisions about the best ways to clean your office space. We utilize powerful cleaning equipment and top-of-the-line cleaning solutions to ensure a consistent, satisfactory clean. We have the skills to solve even the most complicated cleaning problems.

It is no longer enough to keep your office clean—you must also keep it germ-free. Reducing the spread of germs and illnesses in your workspace can reduce the number of sick days, increase motivation, and keep your employees healthy. Healthy employees are productive employees. PFM understands the different sanitation needs a small, medium, or large business will have. While a small office may need to focus more on surface cleaning shared equipment, a larger office may require much more extensive daily sanitizing to ensure the health of employees. Whatever your needs, we have a solution.

Prime Facility Maintenance is invested in the success of your business. We have experience cleaning office spaces of all sizes. Call us today to schedule a site visit, so we find a cleaning solution for you!