High Rise Exterior Power Washing: We Do That!

High Rise Exterior Power Washing

Power washing is a crucial exterior building maintenance step that many businesses miss. Power washing can help improve the appearance of your building exterior, reduce the impact of harmful particles in your environment, and extend the longevity of some exterior building materials. Here are a few benefits that high rise exterior power washing can give to your business.

Power Washing Improves Appearance

Power washing regularly can keep the exterior of your building looking clean, polished, and inviting. The surface of your structure is constantly exposed to dust, dirt, and debris. After some time, these particles can create layers of dirt and grime on the exteriors of your windows, siding, and sidewalks. This can make your business look dirty, old, or uncared for. Keeping up with power washing can improve the curb appeal of your building. A professional and well-kept building will naturally draw future employees and clients. The exterior of your building is the first thing these important people will see. You want to put a good face on your business by providing a manicured exterior.

Improve Energy Efficiency and Safety

The build-up on the outside of your building from the elements can easily cause damage to your air and heating systems. Mold spores and dust that build up on the outside of your building can end up in your vents, clogging up your filters and tainting the air quality of your building. Getting rid of this build-up on the outside of your building can improve your energy efficiency and save you money on energy costs and expensive HVAC repairs.

Similarly, algae, mold, bird droppings, dirt, and other debris can damage a building and the people inside if left to linger. Bird droppings and mildew can be especially hazardous to your employees and clients’ health. Not only will these contaminants weaken your structure over time, but they can also cause repeated health issues. Periodically washing these hazards away can keep you and your employees safe and healthy.

When Should My Building Be Power Washed?

The frequency of how often your building should be power washed will depend on your specific circumstances. Some buildings may be able to get away with seasonal power washing during the spring and fall or after a particular event, like a major storm or construction. Other buildings must incorporate power washing into their routine maintenance to get the full benefit of power washing. Buildings near industrial areas may need more frequent power washing to protect the building from harmful pollutants and build-up.

Keep in mind that power washing is not suited for every building. Some exterior building materials cannot be power washed. Others will need particular chemicals used during the power washing. Power washers can be powerful machines. An expert must examine your property to determine if this is a proper maintenance option for your building.

The experts at Prime Facility Maintenance are skilled in operating this powerful equipment. We can help you determine a power washing schedule that will fit the needs of your business.