Holiday Party Clean-Up Made Simple with Prime Facility Maintenance

‘Tis the season… for celebrations!

Gathering with co-workers around this time is a great way to de-stress and de-compress from a long year of hard work. Food, drinks, and decorations can help make your party one to remember—but they can also make a big mess. We have you covered if you are worried about managing the mess from a work holiday party. From pre-party cleaning and venue set up to post-party tidying, Prime Facility Maintenance can get your space clean, so you can focus on enjoying your holiday party.

Before the Party:

Remove Clutter

Clearing counters, tables, desks, and other surfaces of clutter and dust will help give you more space for food, drinks, decorations, and other party supplies. You will likely need a place for music and any games, door prizes, or displays important to your celebrations.

Floor Care

While you always want your floors to appear clean and vacuumed, this is especially true of a holiday party. Adding that seasonal magic means going above and beyond. Use this as an excuse to deep clean your flooring. You should also consider how more traffic in a given area can impact your hard floors. Putting down area rugs, even temporarily, can help limit damage to the floor.

Kitchen Organization

You will need to have a place to store food and drinks before the party as well as leftovers after the party. Cleaning out the fridge and pantry can make space for holiday food. Ensuring the counters are clean and clutter-free can give you and your co-workers a tidy space to food prep for the party. Once the party is over, you can quickly store cold items away.

After the Party:


Bathrooms experience a lot more volume during holiday parties with the addition of food, drinks, and guests. Your bathroom will need a good deep cleaning and restocking. We can get your bathroom cleaned and turned around for business as usual before you and your co-workers arrive at work.


During holiday parties, people stand around in areas they ordinarily wouldn’t be. They lean on windows, press against windows to look out at the view, and even decorate windows to be more festive. After the holidays, you may be surprised by how dirty your windows can get. Smudged, dirty, or cluttered windows must be cleaned after your party to ensure a fresh return from the holiday break.

Garbage Disposal

Parties can generate a lot of trash, but people are often surprised by how much more trash piles up after a party than during a regular day at work. You will likely need to accommodate more people and will have food debris, holiday décor, paper plates, plastic cups and silverware, wrapping paper, etc. All of it can add up to an unmanageable mountain. We can help you set up a trash system before and during the party to tackle the mess. After the party, we can take out the trash or organize a special trash pick-up depending on the amount of garbage.

The last thing you have time to think about during party planning is cleaning. Our expert cleaners can help you plan and execute the perfect holiday party while keeping the mess to a minimum.