How Our Dallas Commercial Cleaning Services Can Cut Operational Costs

Dallas commercial cleaning services

When we talk to property owners and office managers about their cleaning needs, one of the first things they always ask about is price. Is professional cleaning worth the additional bill each month? Oftentimes, clients find that our Dallas commercial cleaning services can actually lower their operational costs! Read on to learn how.

Protecting Office Property

Even if you lease your office space, it holds substantial assets that belong to your business. Everything from desks and ergonomic chairs to phones and computers represents an investment in your company’s success. Without the right care, you may find yourself making that same investment sooner rather than later.

Stains and spills can diminish the aesthetic quality and structural integrity of textiles and wood surfaces. Dust can build up between buttons and keys, rendering office tech useless. With the help of professional cleaners, you can keep office property in like-new condition for years.

Reducing Interior Wear and Tear

When you spend forty hours a week in the same place, you may not notice the slow process of wear and tear until it’s time to take drastic measures. Having to replace your carpets or install all new window treatments can deplete your maintenance funds, when prevention comes at a fraction of the cost.

Professional cleaning can reduce interior wear and tear in two key ways. The first is by removing day-to-day messes before they can cause serious damage. The second is by creating an orderly environment that your employees feel compelled to take care of.

Reducing Exterior Damage

With the right cleaning company, you can schedule more than just janitorial services. As one of the leaders in DFW sanitation, we offer exterior power washing services, too.

By investing in power washing a few times a year, you can remove seasonal buildup, like road salt and pollen, from porous exterior materials. This can reduce damaging effects like warping, expanding, and water absorption. The improved curb appeal is an added bonus!

Promoting Efficiency

As we move through another hot summer, energy efficiency is on everyone’s mind. Believe it or not, a thorough cleaning schedule can have a positive impact on your HVAC system.

Indoor air pollution caused by dust, pollen, and even skin cells can get recirculated through your forced air vents, eventually clogging the filters. This causes the motor to work harder to achieve the same temperature, leading to higher electric bills. A professional cleaning company can support better indoor air quality and eliminate pollutants before they reach your HVAC.

Cutting Down on Vacancies

Not all operational costs go to building maintenance. When you’re dealing with a high tenant turnover rate, you have to take on the cost of building improvements, marketing, and more. By investing in professional cleaning, you create a safer work environment that can attract more local business owners.

At Prime Facility Maintenance, we understand the power of preventative maintenance. Contact us if you’re ready to invest in professional cleaning services and cut down your operational costs.