How to Disinfect Your Office in Between Professional Cleanings – DFW

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Cold and flu season is upon us. As the temperature cools, illnesses tend to spike. People spend increased time indoors, holiday celebrations invite large gatherings, and kids are back in school. All of these factors lead to an increase in transmittable illnesses, an uptick in sick time usage, and a general drop in productivity at a time when many businesses are at their busiest. The US Center for Disease Control advises companies to expend more time and resources on keeping workplaces clean during this time of the year. Sanitizing between professional cleanings (DFW) is essential to keep your business functional throughout the colder months.

Even with a regular cleaning service, businesses must protect themselves, their clients, and their staff by sanitizing the office between regular cleanings. Frequent and proper disinfection of your workspace can positively impact your staff’s health and productivity. Here are some tips for disinfecting your office between cleanings.

  1. Wipe Down High-Touch Areas

Your desk. The break room countertop. The handle to the bathroom door. These high-touch areas are prime examples of surfaces that can quickly spread germs. Encourage your staff to wipe down these areas after use. The one-way wipe-down method can make the cleaning process more effective. This method uses a disinfectant wipe to clean a surface by wiping it in one direction without going back over the surface. This helps ensure that germs picked up on the disinfectant wipe are not re-deposited right back again. Don’t forget tech devices and accessories like keyboards, printers, and copiers.

  1. Hand-Washing Reminders and Sanitizer Stations

Create attention-grabbing posters and hang them in bathrooms, kitchens, and meeting areas to remind employees to sanitize their hands regularly. You can also place hand sanitizer stations across the office to encourage frequent disinfecting amongst your staff. Emphasize the importance of keeping each other healthy.

  1. Clean Out the Fridge

Food left in the refrigerator for extended periods will eventually smell, but it will also start to mold. Mold can spread to other items in the refrigerator. It can also get into the air in your office, causing illness. Encourage staff to clean out the fridge daily of unused food items. When moldy food is thrown out, remove trash immediately so the mold cannot spread or enter the air.

  1. Label Cleaning Supplies

If you keep cleaning supplies in common areas for general use in the office, keep all supplies labeled for specific uses in specific areas. Color coding cloths for use in particular spaces can prevent germs from being spread from area to area. This can also ensure that cleaning supplies remain in their designated areas and are always ready to be used.

  1. Encourage an Environment of Cleanliness

To keep your workspace clean, attitude is everything. Keep all your messaging about cleanliness and disinfecting positive and safety-focused. A clean environment will help you and your staff feel more positive about going to the office. Promoting a culture of cleanliness is the best way to encourage your employees to join the effort to disinfect.

When you work with Prime Facility Maintenance, we provide disinfecting and sanitization services when needed. We can help keep your business clean and ensure your staff, clients, and guests are safer from germs and illnesses this winter.