How to Keep Your Business Clean in Between Service Dates

how to keep your business clean

Most businesses plan for cleaning services anywhere from once a day to once or twice a week. The frequency of your cleaning service depends on the size of your workplace, the number of employees, the frequency of traffic through common areas, and your budget. But no matter how often your cleaning team works to clean your space, it is easy for office spaces to get dirty in the time between cleanings. Here are some tips on how to keep your business clean in between cleanings.


1. Cleanliness is About Health and Safety

Encourage your employees to think about cleaning as a safety issue. Because you spend the majority of your day in the office, it is an easy place to spread/become infected with illnesses. Clutter can also be dangerous and result in accidents or generally make your workspace more cumbersome. Educate your employees on the importance of cleanliness to their health and safety. Enthusiastic employee participation can decrease clutter, dirt, and mess. You can make office cleanliness the norm by instilling a sense of personal responsibility in your employees about their health and safety as well as the health and safety of their co-workers.


2. Preventative Cleaning Measures

There are many ways to prevent messes from accumulating between cleanings. Easy access to trashcans and recycle bins can prevent the trash from piling up in common areas and on desks. The strategic use of rugs outside or just inside exterior doors can prevent mud and dirt from being tracked inside. Hand sanitizer stations and cleaning stations can help your employees keep their personal areas as clean as the rest of your office. Providing a dish drying rack, dish storage, and dish cleaning supplies in your kitchen or breakroom can also prevent these areas from becoming dirty and cluttered.


3. Use Reminders and Signs

You can also use signage to encourage cleanliness and promote a culture of health, safety, and mutual respect. Remind employees to properly dispose of trash, wash their dishes, and keep common areas clean with colorful and attention-grabbing signs. Point out the productivity benefits of leaving a room as good as or better than you found it. You can even periodically send out correspondence reminding employees of the fantastic benefits of keeping shared and personal spaces clean. Posting reminders in high-traffic areas can help prevent these high-risk spots from getting out of control before your next scheduled cleaning.


4. Establish Yearly or Bi-Yearly Cleaning Days

Make cleaning an event! Host a day or two throughout the year where your employees clean out their workspace and common areas. Old papers, unused food, cluttered dishes, non-functioning office supplies—these things tend to stick around. Your cleaning crew won’t know these items are of no use to you, after all. Having this reset once or twice a year can maximize the cleanliness of your workspace and keep your employees motivated.

Encouraging your employees to keep their space clean can promote a culture of cleanliness. Paired with a thorough, trustworthy cleaning company, your office will be sparkling every day, all day. Reach out to Prime Facility Maintenance to determine your ideal cleaning schedule and get more tips on keeping your office safe, healthy, and tidy.