How We’re Beating High Janitorial Turnover Rates at Prime Facility Maintenance

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Commercial cleaning companies experience startling employee turnover rates. Every year, the astronomically high janitorial turnover rates hover between 200-400%, meaning most companies replace their entire cleaning staff once or twice a year. This astonishing statistic has been a significant source of frustration for commercial cleaning employers and their clients.


Prime Facility Maintenance is tackling this issue head-on by investing in a healthy work culture that promotes employee empowerment and workplace safety.


High turnover rates lead to increased costs and disappointing cleaning outcomes for clients. The literal cost of constantly training new employees is about $5,000.00 per person. But the real-life impact of decreased cleaning outcomes is immeasurable. We want our services to be considered the best, and we cannot be our best without the dedication, experience, and skills that come with having consistent staff members. When staff is constantly new, it is impossible for them to learn and truly understand the needs of a business.


To avoid these negative outcomes, PFM has focused on addressing the top concerns of workers in the commercial cleaning industry: poor pay, lack of training, and unsafe work conditions.


We proudly offer industry-competitive pay with an incentive program to celebrate and promote superior work. All of our employees are thoroughly trained on the janitorial industry’s safety, health, and professional standards. We provide many opportunities for our employees to continue learning and expanding their knowledge and skills. As standards in our industry change, we make sure our employees have access to the latest training on new products, tools, and technology.


But perhaps the biggest reason for our low turnover rates is our unwavering commitment to workplace safety. Work safety was listed as the number one most important aspect for Millennials in their job search. It was also among the top reasons for employees leaving the custodial industry.


Safety is essential in our line of work.


From providing proper training and personal protective equipment to working with high-quality products and tools, offering a safe work environment is our number one goal. We keep a dialogue open with our employees to discuss their safety concerns and determine how to address these concerns quickly and thoroughly.


Our high retention rates add immense value to the services we offer our clients. We believe happy employees are effective employees. Our employees are valued participants in our business and feel a sense of ownership over their work. We empower our employees to take pride in their work, and they pride themselves on a job well done. When our employees enter your workspace, they enter with a commitment to the well-being of your facility and the people who work there.


A consistent staff that knows your company and understands your needs will always provide a service you can count on.


We nurture a workplace culture that values cleaning professionals and celebrates their immense value to our clients. By promoting employee empowerment, advocating for employee safety, and offering endless opportunities for training, we are creating a work environment in which our employees can be proud. Our dedicated employees are ready to show you the PFM difference!