Is Your New Construction Office Building Clean?

New Construction Office Building Clean

There are undeniable advantages to moving your company into a newly built office. There’s no wear and tear from previous use, no outstanding structural damage, and no questionable design choices you must learn to work around. Still, that doesn’t mean that your office is move-in ready as soon as the construction is complete. Is your new construction office really clean? Read on to find out.

Construction Materials

The construction company that built your commercial building should do a post-work cleanup that involves removing all construction equipment and materials. As a precaution, always verify that post-construction cleanup is in the contract and discuss what that means to create clear expectations.

Not all construction companies are as diligent as you might expect. Even if cleanup is in the contract, they may leave behind stray nails, screws, and other materials that can create a safety hazard for your movers and employees.

VOCs and Air Quality Issues

Have you ever noticed that a freshly painted room tends to have a chemical odor? This is largely thanks to volatile organic compounds (aka VOCs). VOCs are evaporative chemicals that both oil-based and latex paints can emit. They will dissipate with time, but proper ventilation is key.

Before you get ready to move in and start working, open at least a few windows throughout the office and leave them open for 72 hours. Install portable air filters in contained spaces like bathrooms and meeting rooms.

Surface Dust and Debris

During the construction process, things like drywall and insulation are being cut or sanded down and installed. Even with all new materials, this handling is going to create quite a bit of dust and debris. When your construction team gets around to their post-work cleanup, a lot of this debris will still be airborne and won’t settle for a few days.

That means that by the time you’re getting ready to make use of your new office, surfaces like carpeting, granite, and countertops will likely be coated with dust. A professional cleaning crew can vacuum and wipe down all surfaces to remove that residual grime.

Final Touch-Ups

You and your employees likely have high hopes for the brand-new office. It can take a major toll on morale and productivity when the reality of your new space doesn’t meet expectations. This is where post-construction cleaning by an experienced team can really come in handy.

You deserve a grand reveal that leaves you feeling optimistic and excited, not disappointed and stressed. Our cleaning technicians will ensure that your office is vacuumed, dusted, disinfected, and polished before you arrive.

Ongoing Cleaning Needs

Post-construction cleaning will prepare your office for move-in, but it can’t prevent future messes from occurring. To keep your new-construction property in good condition, it’s important to invest in ongoing cleaning. With PFM’s janitorial services, you can keep high-touch areas clean, preserve your good air quality, and prevent mess-related workplace distractions.

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