Keeping Your Dallas High Rise Office Windows Clean with PFM


Dallas is a vibrant and rewarding place to live and work, but many don’t realize that it’s also one of the most polluted cities in the nation. Particle pollutants such as pollen and smoke cling to surfaces like windows, creating an unsightly and potentially hazardous buildup. Here are some of the top reasons to invest in Dallas high rise office windows services from PFM.

Improved Aesthetic

The environment in which work occurs can also play a major role in employee morale and well-being. You’ve likely heard that a clutter-free workspace can contribute to a clutter-free mind, but cleanliness is just as crucial.

Office windows that are coated with pollutants and hard water stains create an unpleasant distraction. Even if the rest of your office is clean, dirty windows draw attention and create the impression that your building isn’t as clean as it may appear. When the buildup is thick enough, it may even block out some of the natural sunlight that can keep employees alert and focused.

Clean windows, on the other hand, greatly improve the aesthetic of a high rise, making it appear sleek, modern, and well-maintained.

Better Air Quality

Pollutants don’t just impact the exterior of your building. They can also make their way indoors by way of air ducts, open windows, and even people’s shoes and clothing. There are also pollutants that thrive indoors, like dust and mold.

Pollutants will settle on solid surfaces like windows, but they won’t just stay there. Changes in air flow can send them airborne, causing a deterioration of indoor air quality.

Investing in regular window cleanings will help to reduce your indoor air pollution levels and prevent these substances from regularly recirculating. This will make your office a safer and healthier place to work, particularly for employees with existing respiratory ailments.

Preventative Maintenance

For structural and safety reasons, high rises require specialty glass and careful installation. Replacing the windows in a high rise will come at a hefty cost and it’s in your best interest to preserve the existing windows for as long as possible.

Even reinforced windows can develop micro abrasions if wind and rain create friction between the coating of debris and the window itself. Plus, the buildup of grime around structural sealant will cause those materials to weaken, reducing energy efficiency.

The cost of high rise window cleaning is substantially lower than the cost of new windows and should be considered preventative maintenance.

Why Hire PFM for High Rise Window Cleaning?

On a two-story office building, regular window cleaning is a chore that most building owners and employers don’t have time for. On a high rise, window cleaning is an even more time-consuming project that takes skill and care.

To ensure proper cleaning measures, leave high rise window cleaning to the professionals at Prime Facility Maintenance. Our commercial cleaning services can protect your property value while making your building a healthier and more appealing place to work.