Office Make-Ready Services in Central Texas

New Construction Office Building Clean

Prime Facility Maintenance offers office make-ready services in Central Texas and the DFW metroplex. This service is the process of preparing an office space for a new business to move in. Make-ready services can be helpful during office space turnover or in preparing a new construction for its first inhabitant. Our top-to-bottom make-ready services help ensure a smooth transition for a new tenant, making the adjustment period less stressful and empowering their business potential. We have an eye for detail and can give your office space the deep clean it needs to present a fresh start for your new tenants. Here are some of our most valuable office make-ready services.

  1. New Construction Clean-Up

When preparing a newly constructed space for future tenants, you want to display a clean, blank slate. New constructions can leave a mess of sawdust, paint splatter, and discarded materials. So while you might think your job is over once construction ends, chances are the space still needs some work. Post-construction clean-up will likely get rid of the big debris, but our make-ready services will provide detailed cleaning to ensure every inch of the space is spotless. We ensure carpets are clean, hard floors are shiny, and all surfaces are dust-free. Our cleaning teams are trained to properly dispose of construction materials to ensure we remain compliant with local authorities.

  1. Office Turnover Clean-Up

When an old tenant moves their business out of a space, they tend to leave a lot behind: broken office supplies, trash, discarded wires, and forgotten kitchen items—not to mention a lot of dirt and dust! A significant part of a successful tenant turnover is providing a total deep clean of the entire office space between occupancies. We can remove the clutter, giving the new tenant a fresh space to work with. We have the special equipment and cleaning supplies required to deep clean carpets and get stone, tile, or wood floors back to pristine condition. Our services include kitchen and bathroom cleaning so your new tenants can enjoy a spotless welcome to their new workspace.

  1. Sanitation

Post-pandemic, the standard for cleanliness has increased. Many businesses established new parameters for keeping workspaces germ-free to ensure their employees’ health and safety. Sanitizing a space goes beyond simply removing dust and dirt. We use techniques and products that allow us to go beyond traditional cleaning services. Our thorough sanitation process removes surface germs and lessens the impact of airborne germs or toxins. With our help, you can promise a safe, health-promoting space to new tenants.

  1. Regular Maintenance to Reduce Make-Ready Needs

The best way to reduce your make-ready needs is to keep up with the regular maintenance needs of your office space. Regular maintenance through a thorough cleaning plan is the best way to maximize the usefulness of an office space to reduce turnover and time spent vacant. We work collaboratively with our regular clients to ensure the level of clean they experience on move-in day is what they can expect every day.

Prime Facility Maintenance works closely with clients to ensure an office space is fully prepared to welcome new tenants. Our make-ready services can add the final professional touch to any office space.