Banish Workplace Germs with our Office Sanitizing Services

office sanitizing services

As the days grow shorter and the dreaded flu and cold season begins, you may notice your employees taking more sick days. Illnesses travel through workspaces like wildfire. Close and frequent employee-to-employee contact, repeated exposures, and increased gatherings outside of work can turn your workspace into a petri dish. If you are trying to stay ahead of cold season and maintain productivity through the New Year, Prime Facility Maintenance can help. Here are four ways our office sanitizing services can keep you and your workspace healthy throughout the holiday season.

  1. Regular Maintenance

The surest way to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria is to schedule regular, thorough cleaning throughout the holiday season (and beyond). The more frequently your space is cleaned, the less likely you and your employees will be to get sick or spread illness to co-workers. A clean and tidy environment is aesthetically pleasing and necessary for your health and safety. Protecting your workspace means working towards cleanliness and sanitation daily with repeated, diligent workplace cleanings.

  1. Sanitizing Treatments

Every time a sick employee or visitor touches a surface, that surface becomes a hot spot for illness and germ spread. One ill employee using your facilities can lead to the illness of many employees. This often leads to increased call-outs and PTO, slowing productivity during the often crucial end-of-year rush. Keeping your employees healthy will ensure fewer disruptions to workflow and a happier work environment. We can provide cleaning treatments and services that sanitize your workspace, removing most germs. Our industry-leading techniques are focused on eradicating viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants from your work environment.

  1. Mold Prevention

Many believe mold is a more significant issue in the summer, but mold is a year-round problem. Many people with mold allergies can attest to experiencing more symptoms in the winter months with windows closed and the heat on. Unclean ducts can send mold, dust, and other unwanted debris flying through your workspace undetected during winter months. The heat in vents can also create the perfect temperature for mold growth in places you wouldn’t expect. Mold can make people sick even if they aren’t allergic, which is why treating it as soon as you notice it is best. We can also help you prevent mold with regular cleanings and sanitation services.

  1. Holiday Party Clean-Up

The end of the year typically means an increase in gatherings for holiday parties and end-of-year celebrations. While end-of-year parties are undoubtedly a great way to enjoy the company of co-workers, they can also become a germ-spreader event. Extra cleanings before and after these celebrations can lessen the spread of illness to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves without worrying about their health. We can also handle clean-up after these parties to guarantee the proper disposal of discarded party goods.


The holidays are typically a busy time of year for businesses and their employees. Don’t let sickness hold you back from enjoying all the joy of the end of the year. Prime Facility Maintenance’s cleaning services can help keep you and your employees healthy and ready to celebrate.