Office Spring Cleaning: Keeping Allergens Out

Office Spring Cleaning: Keeping Allergens Out

When you think of spring cleaning, you probably think of getting rid of the clutter that built up during the long winter season. While this is a great way to refresh your office, commercial buildings have a more pressing issue to tackle in spring: allergens. Read on for our simple guide to keeping allergens out of your DFW office.

Replace HVAC Filters

When was the last time you replaced the filters in your HVAC? Filters in a forced-air system keep unwanted pollutants like dust, pollen, and dander from circulating through your office. Over time, these pollutants build up on the filter’s surface. This impedes airflow, reduces HVAC efficiency, and may lead to higher concentrations of allergens in your office.

Make sure you’re replacing HVAC filters according to manufacturer instructions (typically about once every three months). Hire an HVAC professional to inspect and clean your air vents for maximum protection.

Keep Carpets and Surfaces Clean

Your HVAC system isn’t the only thing bringing pollen into your building. Every time a staff member walks inside or opens a window, they’re upping your indoor allergen count. Without regular cleaning, pollen will settle on surfaces around the office, particularly textiles like carpeting and upholstered chairs.

Hiring a professional cleaning company is the best way to keep carpets and surfaces clean and clear of pollen in the spring months. This is also a great way to rid your office of dust mites, which tend to peak in humid summer months and exacerbate allergy symptoms.

Power Wash Your Exterior

When was the last time you really scrutinized your office’s curb appeal? As we move through the spring, pollen buildup may be leaving a yellow film on your walls and windows that only a power washer can remove.

Power washing can also cut down on the pollen your employees track into your office. Shoes are one of the biggest culprits in this department, and power washing will remove layers of pollen from your parking lot and sidewalks to keep shoes clean.

Tackle Mold Problems

Next to pollen, mold is one of the biggest issues for anyone with seasonal allergies. In the DFW area, spring means rain, and a lot of it. With high humidity levels, office managers and commercial property owners have to contend with potential mold growth.

To stop mold in its tracks, you’ll need to find the source of moisture. This could be a damaged roof, a leaking pipe, or poorly sealed doors and windows. After you address the source, hire professional cleaners to kill any mold that has already started growing.

Protect Your Indoor Air Quality

If you have an older property or employees with asthma or severe allergies, you may want to take extra precautions. Portable HEPA filters can scrub allergens from the air and improve your indoor air quality.

Ongoing preventative maintenance is what Prime Facility Maintenance is all about. With the help of our janitorial team, you can keep your DFW office safe, clean, and allergy-free this spring.