Opening a New Texas Office? Prime Facility Maintenance Can Help

new texas office

You’ve just leased or bought a new Texas office and you’re just about ready to open the doors to your employees and clients. The only problem? It’s not as clean as you’d like it to be. The good news is that Prime Facility Maintenance can help. Read on to learn when to use our office make-ready services.

The New Office Isn’t “Like New”

Maybe you leased your new office sight unseen, and the listing made it look tidier than it is. Maybe when the previous tenant moved out, they didn’t hire cleaners to do one final sweep. Though you might expect property owners to take pride in keeping their units spick and span, these scenarios aren’t uncommon.

The last thing you want is to move all of your company property into someone else’s dirt, dust, and debris. Before you move in, Prime Facility Maintenance can sanitize and refresh the space and give it that “like new” shine with our office make ready service.

The Space Was Recently Renovated

Moving into a newly renovated office space has a lot of appeal. New floors, windows, doors, fixtures, paint, and surfaces can make even an older building feel modern. However, the renovation process can leave behind a major mess, from layers of grime to unpleasant fumes. This post-construction residue can have a negative impact on air quality in addition to making your office look or feel dirty or dusty.

At Prime Facility Maintenance, we have the equipment and expertise to turn a recent construction site into a safe work environment. We’ll work within your timeline while ensuring that your office meets labor and environmental standards.

The Movers Made a Mess

It’s no secret that the process of moving can be a messy one. Your movers may bring in dirt, grass, and other unwanted debris while trekking in and out of the office. Furniture can create unsightly scuffs on the walls and floors while you set it up for use. Even cardboard boxes and packing materials can leave your office feeling grimy.

Just because the last box is unpacked doesn’t mean that your office is ready for employees. Make-ready services are the perfect final step to your moving process. We’ll clean every surface, including desks, tables, chairs, and other company-owned furniture.

You Value Cleanliness  

You chose to move into a new office because you wanted a clean slate. Maybe it’s in a better location for clients, has more square footage for your growing workforce, or simply has the modern amenities your business requires. If you want to reap the benefits of this major change, keeping things clean is important. By hiring Prime Facility Maintenance for make-ready cleaning services, you can decide if we fit your long-term cleaning goals.

At PFM, we work with every client to ensure that our services meet their needs perfectly, and our make-ready service is only the beginning. Contact us to learn more.