Professional Cleaning to Invest In Before Listing a Commercial Building for Sale

High Rise Exterior Power Washing

The commercial real estate industry is still in flux after pandemic-fueled workplace changes. If you’re selling your commercial property in Texas, consider making it turnkey to increase its appeal for prospective buyers. Read on to learn more about the professional cleaning you should invest in before listing a commercial building for sale.

Basic Janitorial Services

Due to the current economic conditions and reduced buyer activity, you may have to list your property below value. Something as simple as surface-level wear and tear could yield below-listing offers, reducing your profits even further.

Disinfecting all surfaces, from doorknobs to toilets, will make your property safe and sanitary for incoming buyers and their tenants. Getting rid of dust and debris will prevent your property from looking older or more worn than it actually is. Professional cleaners will can get rid of any grime that you might overlook but that buyers wouldn’t.

Exterior Power Washing

If you’re doing your pre-listing research, you’ve doubtless come across the concept of curb appeal. Curb appeal refers to a property’s first impression when viewed from outside. The idea is that when your property looks dingy on the outside, your prospective buyers will feel more wary of what they’re going to find on the inside.

Exterior power washing is one of the most affordable ways to refresh and modernize a commercial property. Power washing can remove years of grime from your sidewalks, break down calcium and hard water stains on your windows, and erase unsightly mold growth, graffiti, and more.

Floor Maintenance

Some floor maintenance is included in basic janitorial services. For example, you can expect professional cleaners to thoroughly vacuum carpets and remove stains and odors.

Specialty flooring requires specialty care. Your granite or marble floors can be a major selling point, but only if they’re in great condition. When stone flooring is well-maintained it can last for decades but if it reaches a certain level of deterioration, it can cost tens of thousands to replace. Invest in stone floor cleaning and resealing so your building’s biggest asset doesn’t come across like a potential money pit.

Renovation Cleanup

It’s not uncommon for commercial property owners to invest in a few upgrades before listing their properties for sale. Adding an energy-efficient HVAC system or remodeling the breakroom kitchen can yield a high ROI, but it can also create a mess.

Don’t assume that your renovation contractors will do a thorough job of cleaning up. While they’ll typically remove any major safety hazards, they probably won’t mop, vacuum, or remove any of the dust they kicked up. Let your upgrades shine with proper post-construction cleanup.

Supplemental Maintenance

As you’re preparing to sell, you may not have access to your typical in-house maintenance staff. Hiring a supplemental maintenance team is a great way to ensure that everything is in working order, from your lights to your ventilation system.

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