Professional Office Cleaning During Cold and Flu Season

professional office cleaning

These days, COVID-19 is functioning on a similar schedule to the cold and flu season we’d already come to know and dread. Though most workplaces have relaxed masking and distance policies, there’s no reason to relax your commitment to a clean, disinfected office. Let’s look at some of the top reasons to invest in professional office cleaning services during cold and flu season.


Keeping Surfaces Germ-Free


There are a lot of high-touch surfaces in offices, many of which are shared by multiple employees. In addition to personal computers and phones, employees may touch light switches, breakroom countertops, bathroom door handles, and more. Cold germs can continue to live on hard surfaces for up to one week, while the germs from influenza and COVID-19 can survive anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

When you adopt a DIY approach to disinfecting your office, it’s easy to overlook certain surfaces or use cleaning supplies not equipped to kill viral germs. A professional cleaning company has the tools and expertise to keep all your surfaces germ-free.


Reducing Absenteeism


Unsurprisingly, absenteeism in the workplace tends to increase in the winter months. Not only are people taking time off to travel and see family, but they also require sick days when they contract a cold, flu, or other viral illness. This can significantly affect your bottom line, especially when you’re paying employees who aren’t there.

To reduce the spread of viruses from one employee to another, it’s important to regularly remove germs from surfaces and to strive for healthy air quality. In addition to disinfecting your surfaces, a professional cleaning company will eliminate dust, pollen, and other potential airborne pollutants that can clog ventilation systems and reduce the flow of clean, healthy air.


Improving Winter Productivity


When your employees are on a constant rotation of illness, productivity takes a hit. Even worse, team projects slow down when multiple people are out sick simultaneously. The normal systems of communication and in-office support suffer. It can take weeks to get back on track, especially if immune function is low because of the daily germs circulating through the office.

Regular professional office cleaning is the best way to protect your employees as the rate of viruses increases. Reducing the strain on immune function will keep energy levels high, deadlines met, and projects running smoothly.


Showing You Care


No one wants to get sick, and the anxiety around cold and flu season has only increased since the COVID-19 outbreak. Some of your employees are likely hesitant about coming to work when their coworkers may be carrying viruses. Starting a rigorous professional cleaning schedule shows that you don’t take their concerns lightly and that you care about your employees’ health and safety.

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