Providing Specialized Cleaning for Your Industry

Specialized Cleaning for Your Industry

The aftermath of the pandemic has seen a significant change in how businesses think about cleanliness, sanitization, and janitorial services. In response, janitorial services have had to evolve in their approach to managing the many needs of diverse industries. Prime Facility Maintenance offers a fully customizable selection of cleaning services to cater to all our client’s individual needs and expectations, regardless of industry. We optimize our cleaning strategy to meet the demands of your specific business. Our cleaning schedule can adapt to seasonal changes to your business or incidental shifts in need.

Bars and Restaurants

The bar and restaurant industry is consistently linked with the janitorial industry. Customers do not want to eat or drink in a dirty environment. Restaurants and bars also have a more stringent health and cleanliness code to adhere to as establishments that serve food and beverages. Health inspections and industry guidelines create a heightened need for specific janitorial service(s).

Malls and Retail Establishments

As anyone who has worked in retail understands, these fast-paced businesses do not offer a ton of time for cleaning. Organizing merchandise, interfacing with customers, and stocking can take up a lot of time for retail workers. And while the store may be organized, most of these businesses need to hire outside help to be truly clean. PFM can establish a cleaning schedule that fits the needs of your retail establishment so we can work after hours without disturbing customers’ shopping experience.

Fitness Centers and Gyms

These establishments require very specific and frequent cleaning to guarantee the health and safety of staff and patrons. Fitness centers experience high traffic from the public and unique challenges in keeping equipment sweat- and germ-free. While most gyms and fitness centers have established sanitization rules to combat these problems, most will require the partnership of an expert cleaning service to meet industry standards. PFM can maintain equipment, sanitize high-touch areas, and prevent the spread of germs.

Medical and Dental Offices

Hospitals, specialized medicine practices, dental offices, optometry centers, and other medical facilities require the expertise and professionalism of experienced commercial cleaners. The standards of cleanliness and sanitization in the healthcare industry are more extensive than in most other sectors. Developing a cleaning schedule to keep up with the daily operations of these facilities can be demanding. PFM has the experience to meet these needs and ensure the facility projects and a sense of health and well-being.


Bigger salons, franchises, or businesses with multiple locations will likely need to enlist the help of a commercial cleaner to balance the cleaning needs of several different locations. These businesses typically seek to convey a peaceful, relaxing, professional environment to create an inviting setting for clients. Cleaning needs can vary widely depending on the kind of salon (hair, massage, waxing, nails, etc.). PFM can work with you to develop a cleaning schedule to meet the needs of all of your locations. We can customize our services to cover the cleaning demands of the activities at your salon.


Most people think of dusty boxes and grimy floors when they hear the word “warehouse,” but anyone in the warehousing industry understands the unique cleaning needs of these businesses. Many warehouses store sensitive materials, high-dollar inventory, or regulated items requiring specialized commercial cleaning services. Some warehouses operate within industries that require regular inspections by government authorities to ensure regulatory compliance. Keeping a warehouse clean and sanitized can also prevent mold or fungus from forming, which can damage property. PFM can work with you to determine your specific needs based on company guidelines or even authority regulations.


Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions often require commercial-level cleaning services. The majority of these establishments will not keep a janitorial staff in-house, especially bigger universities and campuses. Kids, teens, and college students can be messy, but it is crucial for your campus to remain pristine to offer a healthy educational environment. Visitors and prospective students will want to see the best your institution has to offer. PFM can handle the commercial cleaning needs of larger academic institutions.

Prime Facility Maintenance has the industry knowledge and experience to perform with excellence across many different sectors that will require commercial cleaning. Cleaning services are essential for many different businesses, regardless of industry. PFM works with clients to devise a custom cleaning schedule that fits the budget and unique needs of every client.