Relocating Your Business? Leave the Moving Clean-Up to Us

New Construction Office Building Clean

Moving your business to a new office space can be an exciting and stressful experience. Not only are you physically moving an entire business to a new location, you will have two locations to worry about for a period of time: your old office space and your new office space. Many businesses need help to make this transition as efficient and low-hassle as possible. Prime Facility Maintenance offers comprehensive office make-ready services specifically for this situation. Our team can help you leave behind a clean, tidy space to satisfy the landlord and garner the appreciation of the new occupant. Here are four great ways our moving clean-up services can help make your transition less stressful.

  1. All-in-One Service

When you close the chapter on an office space, it can be overwhelming to clear out an entire business worth of items. There will inevitably be items you choose not to take with you on your move, as well as trash and debris left from the moving process. So what happens to everything left behind? Getting an office space back to the blank slate it was before your business moved in is a big task. PFM can take that task off your shoulders. We have the experience to dispose of trash and other items left behind. Once we dispose of your unwanted items and waste, we can deep clean the space from top to bottom to ensure you leave it better than you entered it.

We have the equipment and cleaning products required to make carpets, appliances, fixtures, floors, and other items like new. With us, you can have an all-in-one disposal and cleaning service that saves you time, money, and stress.

  1. Stay on Schedule

Moving a business often needs to follow a very strict timeline. The longer it takes to move and establish yourself at your new location, the longer you spend paying for two sites and the less time you have to focus on day-to-day business needs. Working with PFM can help you stay on schedule. We can dedicate our time and energy to preparing your old office space for landlord inspection or new tenants. Our trained team of professionals can do the job quickly so you can confidently proceed with your move, knowing you can stay on schedule.

  1. Disinfecting

We offer more than just cleaning services. Since the pandemic, cleaning standards have evolved to include disinfecting and sanitization. PFM offers top-to-bottom disinfecting services to ensure you leave behind a safe, germ-free environment. Our disinfecting services cover everything from kitchen appliances to bathrooms to office furniture to high-touch surfaces like door handles.

  1. Construction Clean-Up

If part of your move requires any construction or de-construction, PFM can also handle that clean-up. Some building materials require specific disposal. Construction can also create a lot of dust and debris. Prime Facility Maintenance has the knowledge and resources to address these complex cleaning jobs, so you don’t have to.

Our cleaning teams are well-trained in office make-ready services. They understand your former landlord or new occupants’ expectations for the space once your business has moved on. We can manage all the little details to ensure you leave behind a clean and tidy space on a moving day.