The Importance of Commercial Power Washing in the Fall

commercial power washing

The nights are getting longer, and the temperatures are dropping. Naturally, we start spending more time indoors, which can place your focus on office cleanliness. It’s crucial to prioritize interior sanitizing and cleaning services for office health and productivity, but don’t forget the importance of commercial power washing the exterior of your office space this season. Here are some important reasons to keep up with this maintenance task.

Removing Pollen Buildup

With long Texas summers comes a major influx of pollen and other airborne allergens that can leave us sneezing and coughing. In fact, we don’t get much of a reprieve from pollen until October here in the Lonestar State. When summer slides into cooler fall temperatures, pollen leaves a sticky yellow residue on your building’s exterior walls and windows.

Power washing will remove this unsightly film and leave your building looking modern and fresh. It will also prevent pollen window buildup from blocking your building’s natural light or making its way into your HVAC system, where it can circulate throughout your building.

Clearing Out Dead Leaves

As the trees turn brown and shed their foliage in autumn, you don’t want dead leaves lingering on your property for long. PFM’s power washing services include gutter cleaning to remove dead leaves and debris that will otherwise clog up your drainage system, causing heavy rain to get trapped on your roof or spill straight down toward your building’s foundation.

We’ll also clean up your sidewalks using a combination of pressure washing, hard surface scrubbers, and carefully selected chemicals. This will successfully remove any dirt that has accumulated beneath those layers of fallen leaves and eliminate any mold or mildew that took hold during the rainy season.

Improving Curb Appeal for Winter

When you think of commercial curb appeal, landscaping is likely the first thing to come to mind. Beautiful flowers, healthy trees, and carefully maintained shrubs can add warmth and elegance to any property—until the growing season ends. Should you let curb appeal go by the wayside until spring brings new life back to your property?

Commercial power washing is one of the best ways to maintain curb appeal when many plants are dormant. Clean siding, sparkling windows, high-visibility parking lots, and clear sidewalks will show any employee, client, or customer that you take pride in your business.

Beating the Cold Snap

Though we generally enjoy mild winters across Texas, we tend to get at least one cold snap that spirals temperatures downward each year. This can disrupt your winter power washing schedule, especially if the temperature dips below freezing. Making at least one power washing appointment during the fall season will prevent summer buildup from sticking around until spring.

Are you ready to give your building’s exterior the deep cleaning it deserves? No matter what commercial property you own, Prime Facility Maintenance has the specialized equipment and cleaning supplies to leave your property looking its best. Schedule your fall power washing services today.