Top 5 Germ Zones in Your Office That Need Professional Cleaning

Germ Zones in Your Office

Envision your office when it’s dirty enough to prompt a cleaning. You’re probably picturing clutter on desks, debris on the carpet, and dirty dishes in the breakroom sink. You may not realize that even when your office is tidy and organized, it can still harbor germs. Read on to discover the top 5 germ zones in your office that require professional cleaning.

Door Handles

It should come as no surprise that high-touch areas are riddled with germs. Everyone from your employees to your clients to your vendors touch door handles to get in and out of the office, bathroom, conference room, breakroom, and more.

Most door handles are made of stainless steel or other metallic substances that tend to look cleaner than they actually are. In fact, germs can thrive on non-porous substances. Without regular disinfecting, door handles make the perfect transmitters for colds and other viruses.

Desktops and Keyboards

Even if your employees rarely share computers in the office, you should still aim to disinfect and clean them at least once a week. Even the most germ-conscious people have probably coughed or sneezed on their desktop or laptop screen, while keyboards are a catch-all for everything from the germs on our hands to the crumbs from our snacks.

Professional desktop and keyboard cleaning doesn’t just prevent the spread of germs. It’s also a great way to protect your investment in office property.

Office Equipment

It takes more than a few computers to run your business. Your office property may also include phones, copiers, fax machines, and more. When it comes to keeping this technology in working condition, you’ll need more help than just the occasional tune-up.

Once again, multiple people handle office equipment throughout the day. Unlike door handles, however, this equipment has a multitude of buttons, drawers, and other nooks and crannies. Professional cleaners can remove the build-up of dust and other debris while also disinfecting to reduce the spread of germs.


When you don’t have professional cleaners coming in at least once a week, breakrooms can present two problems. The first is that in a breakroom, you’re dealing with the spread of airborne germs, germs transmitted via touch, and foodborne bacteria. Second, employees don’t often share a clear sense of who’s responsible for cleaning things like dishes, microwaves, and sinks.

Implementing policies like weekly fridge clean-outs can help. However, the best way to keep your breakroom clean and safe to use is to hire a professional cleaning company.


When it comes to germs, restrooms leave little to the imagination. Like breakrooms, everyone uses the restrooms, there are plenty of opportunities for germs to spread, and no one in your office is going to volunteer to tackle weekly cleanings.

Running a sanitary office involves far more than the occasional decluttering. Our professionals at Prime Facility Maintenance will go above and beyond to sanitize these germ zones and make your Texas office a safer, healthier place to work.