What DFW Commercial Cleaning Services Do I Need?

DFW commercial cleaning

As a commercial facility manager, you’ve got a long checklist of tasks to oversee and maintenance to schedule. What commercial cleaning services do you need in DFW and how often should you schedule them? Read on for our simple scheduling guide.

Services to Schedule at Least Once a Week

When was the last time your office underwent deep cleaning? Sure, you and your employees might keep things tidy and clutter-free, but what about disinfecting, dusting, or vacuuming? It’s easy to assume that if you can’t see the mess, it isn’t really a problem. The truth is that your dirty workspace may be taking a toll on morale and even leading to an increase in sick days.

You can easily remedy the issue of an unsanitary office by scheduling janitorial services on a weekly basis. Depending on the size of your office and how frequently it’s visited by clients or investors, you may even want to schedule janitorial services twice a week. This is a great way to create an inviting, sanitary workspace with improved indoor air quality and reduced germ circulation.

Services to Schedule at Least Twice a Year

If you’re in charge of an entire commercial property, you should also start thinking about exterior cleanliness and curb appeal. Power washing services target surfaces like sidewalks, brick or cement siding, and even high-rise windows. Scheduling power washing services once or twice a year can keep your commercial property looking modern and new by getting rid of hard water stains, pollen, graffiti, and unsightly residue.

Another service you may want to schedule at least once a year is granite or marble maintenance. Natural stone flooring can last for decades as long as it’s regularly cleaned and recoated. Otherwise, you may start to notice stains and scratches that speed up the process of wear and tear.

Services to Schedule As Needed

Some services you’ll only need under special circumstances. For example, your commercial space will benefit from a rigorous event cleaning schedule any time you host conferences or team bonding days. Events can lead to an increase in foot traffic and activities that generate more mess than normal. Bringing professional cleaners into the mix can ensure that you’re resetting your space each day of the event and before resuming normal day-to-day activities.

If you’re moving into a new office, you may want to schedule office make-ready services. Many facility managers are surprised to discover that their newly leased or purchased office space wasn’t cleaned by the last occupant or owner. Office make-ready services help your team to get a truly fresh start.

The Takeaway

When you’re looking for a cleaning company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it’s important to consider your long-term cleaning needs, not just weekly janitorial services. Skip the trial-and-error process by finding one company that can provide all your year-round services.

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