What to Look for in a Texas Commercial Cleaning Company

Janitorial Service

As a business owner, hiring a professional cleaning company can lead to increased productivity, improved employee health, and a better brand reputation. Read on to learn what to look for in a Texas commercial cleaning company to maximize the benefits of professional cleaning.


There’s a reason why facility managers outsource janitorial services: quality cleaning requires expertise. You want to hire a company that was founded on years of experience and a commitment to thorough training.

Keep in mind that niche experience is just as important as general experience. Before you hire a cleaning company, inquire about their previous clients to make sure they know how to tackle a facility like yours.

Flexible Scheduling

When you’re looking to partner with professional cleaners, flexibility is invaluable. Managers and business owners often don’t want cleaning services to overlap with working hours or client meetings.

Always verify that a cleaning company has the availability that works for your schedule. Discuss your ongoing needs and any specific services you’re hoping to get on the books, like post-construction or event cleanup. You should also find out how a company will respond to last-minute or emergency service requests.

Interior and Exterior Services

When you think of janitorial services, your mind might go to tasks like vacuuming and disinfecting high-touch surfaces. While interior cleaning is crucial for the health and safety of your staff and guests, exterior cleaning is equally important. Services like power washing can create a better first impression and contribute to preventative building maintenance.

Save yourself the hassle of vetting multiple contractors. Find a company that can keep your whole commercial property clean, both inside and out.

High Safety Standards

You should always hire a cleaning company with an insurance policy that will cover potential liabilities, including property damage or on-site injuries. Even with insurance, however, your janitorial company should operate with high safety standards.

Cleaning professionals work with equipment and chemicals that require safe application and use. Following guidelines laid out by agencies like the CDC, EPA, and OSHA increase protection for both your cleaning crew and your own employees.

Supplies and Equipment

When you call a plumber, you don’t expect that they’ll show up asking to borrow your tools. Likewise, a professional cleaning company should arrive with everything they need to fulfill your contract, from cleaning supplies to equipment and hardware.

Depending on your industry or environmental goals, you may need to work with a cleaning crew that uses specific supplies. Make sure that the company you hire not only has those supplies but has experience using them.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Finally, you deserve to work with a cleaning company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and takes accountability for their work. You should never struggle to get in touch with your cleaning company, modify your services, or request different methods.

At Prime Facility Maintenance, we offer over 160 years of combined professional cleaning experience and an unwavering commitment to our clients. We’re proud to offer a wide range of services in Waco, DFW, and San Antonio.