Top 5 Dirtiest Places in Your Texas Office Space

Texas office space

The quick spread of winter illnesses can compel many office workers to take extra steps to keep their space clean and sanitized. Wiping down frequently touched surfaces and washing your hands throughout the day can be great ways to prevent passing germs between co-workers. But even your most diligent efforts can fall short if you miss key areas where germs and bacteria tend to accumulate. Today, we’re sharing five unexpected germ hot spots in your Texas office space.

  1. Break Room Sink

Sinks, in general, rank as one of the dirtiest spots in any setting, and your office break room sink is no exception. When a dish is dirty, you wash it. When your hands are dirty, you wash them. All these dirty hands touch the sink faucet handles every time the sink is used. So when you go to turn the water off after you’ve finished scrubbing your newly cleaned hands, you contaminate yourself all over again by touching the dirty handles. Sink handles are one of the most missed germ spots in any office. Thoroughly sanitizing office sinks every day can reduce germ spread.

  1. Microwave Door Handle

Another major germ hotspot in your office is likely also in your break room: the microwave. How many employees are using the same microwave during lunchtime? How many of those employees wash their hands before and after use? How often is the microwave thoroughly cleaned? Food debris, build-up, grime, and germs can make microwaves a significant source of contamination in your office. Regular cleanings are required to ensure the office microwave is truly contaminant-free.

  1. Keyboard and Mouse

When you work an office job, your keyboard and mouse are your most essential tools. You touch the keys on your keyboard hundreds of times a day and most likely sit with one hand resting on your mouse. But how often do you clean them? Every surface you have touched in the office can be deposited directly onto your keyboard from your fingertips. Food debris, dust, and other particles can also imbed themselves in the crevices between keys leading to mold and built-up. Take the time to turn your keyboard over to shake crumbs out. Wipe your keys with a disinfectant wipe while your computer is powered off. Doing this daily can keep your desk sanitary and clean.

  1. Office Equipment

Germs, bacteria, and other undesirable things can find a happy home between the keys of copiers, printers, and other office equipment. Commonly shared office devices can be touched hundreds of times a day by dozens of different employees, yet these machines are rarely cleaned. Many of these machines require specialized cleanings and specific cleaning tools.

  1. Coffee Maker

Not only can the outside of the coffee maker collect surface germs, but the inside of the coffee maker needs to be cleaned as well. Bacteria can thrive in a coffee machine’s dark, moist interior, and coffee debris can become rancid if left alone. Washing coffee machines can require special cleaning solutions and tools to sanitize the appliance thoroughly.

Prime Facility Maintenance understands that your employees’ health and safety are critical to running your business. We can help you navigate the flu and cold season to ensure your employees work in a clean environment.